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Testimonials & Recomendations


John Porter (Sarver, PA)

It is rare in this world to discover people who are willing to help folks that they don't know and probably will never meet. One nice thing about enrollers is that we all share a common bond for success and try to help our fellow enrollers any way that we can. We're all in this together and your services are truly a blessing. If you aren't a Christian, you're certainly exemplifying the Christian life. I haven't met an enroller who doesn't have high praise for you.

Yolanda Martinez (Chicago, IL)

We are business owners, we are self employed, we are the decision makers, we are intelligent, hardworking, determined and innovative. We strive for the opportunity to provide for our families, some of us even manage to think of others. I've known Patrick Galla for several years, and he is all of the above. It has been my privilege to be able to work with Pat. He is someone who truly has the knowledge and the ability to assist you with your endeavors.

Enroller (Colorado) works for large national carrier 

Pat Galla is an excellent resource for new enrollment opportunities. I, as well as many enrollers and benefit counselors across the country have benefited from Pat’s experience. He provides opportunities to enroll a variety of employee benefits with some of the top insurance companies in the nation.

Richard Samara

'Pat's reputation preceeds him! He came highly recommended and his performance certainly exceeded my wildest expectations. A true professional!'

Patrick Galla facilitated close to 20 information sessions for Duke University and Duke University Health System employees as we are presently transitioning our Group Long Term Care coverage from one carrier to another. Patrick's presentation skills were superb and he simplified a complex topic by communicating to the employees in easy- to-understand language. He was always punctual and professional and was a pleasure to work with. Duke University has requested Patrick's services again for an upcoming special enrollment.”

Saundra Daniels- HR professional

He gives 110% effort to the task at hand and is an effective and thorough communicator always looking for that 'edge' to set himself or his organization apart from the pack. I appreciate the passion he brings to his role and how he shares that passion in a way that naturally leads you to take an interest in whatever Patrick has brought to the table.”

Christopher Matz, National Sales Director - LTC, Prudential

I have worked with Pat several times and I am very impressed with his work. Pat has a vast knowledge of the benefits arena and is a source of information for many. He is always available to answer questions and mentor individuals. I look forward to working with him again.”

September 4, 2007
Katherine Dougherty, Contract Enrollment Specialist, Prudential Financial and other Insurance Companies

“Patrick has handled many Benefit Enrollments for me over the last several years. He is very professional, personable, knowledgeable and dependable. I enjoy working with him and never have to worry if he is on the job.”

Pat Hall-Group Acct Exec, Cincinnati

“Patrick is a great individual to have on your team. Not only does he have extensive knowledge of Group Insurance Benefits, he is a Master at caputring his audience when giving presentations. He is personable and approachable. He makes working with him a pleasure and not a chore. I would hire Patrick again and again.”

Donatella Difrancescantonio

“I have known Pat for approx 10 yrs. he performs his tasks with a great deal of professionalism and personality to obtain top results. I would not hesitate to employ Pat to provide this type of service”

Mike Mullins, benefit counsellor, Phoenix


“Patrick is a student of the business. He knows his stuff and works very well with all groups of people - very strong people skills. A great resource too!”

Grant Mathews, Regional Vice President, Genworth Financial

“Pat Galla is an industry leader. I know Pat personally as well as professionally and strongly recommend him for any position you have that requires the utmost integrity and a strong work ethic. Pat is a well- rounded individual with vast industry knowledge and is a top-notch public speaker. Pat can get the point across, whether selling or teaching. I'm sure you'll find him to be a great asset!”

Gary Holdorf, CEO, GarBeck and Associates Insurance Agency, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

“I have worked with Pat in my current capacity and previous roles with other carriers. I have always found him to be very knowledgable regarding employee benefits and working with employers to guide them through the massive amounts of information to thoroughly understand their options before making a decision. He is very attentive to detail and his follow through is second to none.”

Tammy Krebs, Account Executive, Humana, Inc.

“Patrick is very knowledgeable and efficient. He is customer oriented and has always demonstrated professionalism and integrity in our joint ventures. I always look forward to working with Pat.”

July 19, 2007 Anne Greenwood, Large Group Underwriting Consultant, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield.  

Before I became an Enroller I was an active full time Life Insurance broker. I learned early on that becoming successful in any endeavor is never done completely alone. Meeting or even bumping into that right person can make all the difference in getting you where you want to go. Even the smallest “tip” rendered can eventually lead you down the road to great things. The challenge, of course, is how to meet that person. I think that Pat has all the makings of being one of those key people. I know this because he has recently helped me. I also know because He has a great desire to help others. “People helping People” is what Pat is truely all about.

Richard Franco CLU,ChFC,RHU (Los Angeles, CA)